Apps Like iTube – Best Alternatives Apps to iTube

Everyone loves to watch videos on YouTube, no matter what category of they are. Videos can be of entertainment or knowledgeable or any genre. No doubt, YouTube is the best source to watch videos but most of the time people not able to watch the full video due to their data package limit. In that situation, they need to close the app because there is no other option left.

In order to get rid of this problem, application developers developed an app named iTube. iTube App helps you to stream your favorite videos and music even when you have not access to the internet connection. Assume you have a good working internet connection right now and you gotta go somewhere else where you can’t get access to internet connection like flight, in that case, you can add your favorite videos to the iTube app and so that they can accompany you. With the help of iTube app, you can do it very easily.

In case, if you have tried iTube App and it has not satisfied you and you are looking for apps like iTube then in this post we are enlisting some great alternatives to iTube for you guys.

Apps Like iTube

Best Apps Like iTube


SmartTube is one of the best alternatives of iTube. You can download videos and watch them offline and at the same time, you can use YouTube or other apps while SmartTube continues to play. You can watch popular music videos and other clips from most genres in SmartTube app.


VIATube is also one of the best offline players which helps you watch YouTube videos without access to the internet. This feature makes this app very similar to iTube and it is very easy to use.

Most of the time, while watching videos, people don’t realize their apps use data which results over their data very early. In case, if your smartphone is running on a slow internet connection then you may waste your precious time. But VIATube is the great alternatives of iTube which has offline options and you can save any video to watch offline.


If you are looking for apps like iTube For iPhone then ProTube is the best alternative you can go for. Even, Protube is better then iTube in terms of technology used in this app. Sometimes, you might have experienced that if the content is viewable, the layout, options, and feel of packages are all over the place which makes the streaming experience very poor. But ProTube app has a great feature in which you don’t need to worry about this issue. So, you can download this app right now for the amazing experience.


InstaTube is the great alternative of iTube which offers videos from a number of popular streaming websites. You can also do like, comment or share any content as per your wish.

WorldTube HD

If all of the apps which we have mentioned above, have not satisfied you then you must try WorldTube HD app. It is an awesome alternative to iTube app. You can search any video which is available on YouTube rather than just videos uploaded to other apps from Youtube. You can also share videos via email and social media platforms. In this app, you can search for a video at the same time as watching one.


So, all these apps are best iTube alternatives which you can download and use to stream your favorite videos offline. You can download any of the apps like iTube because there are plenty of choices are available.