iTube APK Awarding Scholarship

iTube APK Awarding Scholarship 1


At, we provide tips and tricks for downloading iTube Apk to their smartphones, personal computer etc.

We are glad to announce that is offering a scholarship of 500$ each for four bright and outstanding students. The scholarship amount includes all the academic expenses including study material, books etc. used throughout the academic year.

We will be conducted an easy competition to present your ideas to us so that most bright students get their chance to prove themselves.

Scholarship Program is open to all, every student from any University, College, and High School.

Scholarship Program offered by

The eligibility criterion for obtaining scholarship:

  1. The student must be registered to a university.
  2. A minimum of GPA 3.0 is required to apply.

Essay Topic

Students are required to have an excellent thought process for writing an essay. Good knowledge of technology topics like Android device, technology future and it’s development etc. are required. The essay must be of minimum 1000 words. If you are not willing to write minimum 1000 words and submit it, then your application will be considered as disqualified for the scholarship award.

Procedure to Submit Your Application:

  • Write an informational essay related to the topics which already provided above.
  • Once you have written the article, email that article to  with the entire details and with the content.
  • Your essay must be in the .docx file or .doc file.

Find the requirements below:

  • Personal Details ( First Name, Last Name, Phone, Address and Email Address)
  • University / College / School Name
  • Your Interest and Area of Study.
  • Your Hobby.
  • And the proof to show you are the student of the specific university.

Note: By submitting your essay, you are allowing us to use it for our promotional and marketing purpose, so you are not allowed to the same essay to any different website or person.

Deadline And Announcement :

Start Date: 15 April 2018
Deadline: 15 April 2019

We will review all submissions untill: 10th June 2018
Winner Announcement: 20th June 2018

Note: All the 4 Winner will get the check of $500 and it will directly be given to your university or college. And, also we run scholarship program every year. Be connected with us.

All the best, we look forward to your submission.