Cartoon HD APK | Free Download For Android, iPhone, PC [2019]

Cartoon HD APK, the media service that has been active since 2014 has created quite a buzz. It appears to have all the Bells and Whistles of a Great Service, and this got our attention to produce this full review below.

Introduction to Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD APK is an online media service that is designed to stream your favorite content. It has a vast database of excellent content from all around the world. The company specializes in movies, tv shows, cartoons and much more.

Interesting that’s not the end of the story; it does every clever trick that the millennials love. It integrates with every social media platform, and ever operating system. The platform besides its content range and intuitive features is available for everything, Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Amazon Firestick, you name it.

This certainly got our attention, and we are going to give you an in-depth review of this platform, explaining whether it got the attention for the right reasons or not.  

High Definition Content

The Content HD offers full-length movies. This is the one thing we can guarantee. You don’t find the content has been cut or whatever. This streaming service is filled to the brim with full-length movies, TV Series, and short anime clips (Japanese Manga included).

If that wasn’t enough, it also offers Anime Movies and Cartoon Shows. There is a reason that Cartoon HD has been voted as the Best APK for Cartoons.  One thing we forgot to mention, all of its content is available in Ultra-High Definition (UDH).

Yes, that means 4K. Although you could find lower resolutions including 1080p 720p, 480p and even 360p. The company is working on 8K content, and we believe it will be available shortly.

Safe To Download

Yes, it is perfectly safe.

Initially, this service was only available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This was back in 2014 when the app first launched. So, we believe it will be hard for the app to have any malicious content because both of these stores have cutting-edge security.

Later, the app was ported on PC and SmartTV as well. Therefore, to accommodate the new viewers, the APK was moved over to the official site. The company optimizes the app and releases a stable version now and then.

Therefore, it was hard to keep up with both the major stores and everything was shifted on to the main website.

Why Should You Use It?

That’s a really good question, kindly give us the time to expand our answer.

Since the introduction of handheld devices (smartphones and tablets), the world dramatically changed how it used to interact with each other, and how it consumed content. Ten years ago, during the peak of Sony and Nokia, the best feature we could wish for was “A Camera,” “Bluetooth,” “Video Player” and “8 GB” memory storage.

The Razer Phone introduced last year had “8 GB Ram,”, and iPhone XS Max is released with “512GB storage”. The best bit is, the current generation is complaining these specs are not enough!

Laugh that out, but it’s true.

The format has changed, and they consume way more space than before. So, it’s impossible to store your favorite movies and shows on your cellphones granted there is some room left after your Instagram Selfies and Music Collection.

Instead of paying for cloud storage, why don’t you subscribe to a premium content service like Cartoon HD? With this media service, you get access to the latest and greatest movies, tv shows, anime, and a lot more.

The service is compatible with every OS like we said before, so don’t worry if your device is compatible or not. Yes, even Blackberry is using android now.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to buy a crazy overpowered device with insane specs to watch Cartoon APK. A device with 2-4GB ram and 8GB storage with a good internet connection will suffice.

Cartoon HD APK Features

Another question, why should you choose Cartoon HD APK over tried and tested options like PopCorn, etc.? Once again, let us explain that with some details.

We don’t believe the “other services” offer all of the following features:

  • Instant Sign-up Process
  • Great offers with affordable packages
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • High-Definition Video and Sound (up to 4K)
  • A never-ending content database including the latest and greatest TV Shows, Movies, Videos, Anime, and everything you can imagine
  • Available on all platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS, Amazon, and coming soon on Linux
  • Frequent Updates
  • Excellent Security for payment and content
  • Easy search options with genre, year, and even keywords
  • Excellent User Support with 24/7 Live chat, email, and phone

Getting Started with the Cartoon HD

The Cartoon Network APK is an online content service. It features a well-designed UI that competes with Netflix. This cleverly designed UI grants you access to a wide variety of content including movies, shows and much more.

The familiar layout makes it easy for the user to navigate through the whole thing. You will easily find the advanced features that help you to enjoy the most out of this service.


This is perhaps the first thing you do with any other online service.  If you want to access the content library, you will need to sign up with Cartoon HD. You could watch content without signing up, but we recommend you do so or you won’t enjoy the premium features.

The sign-up process is quick and easy. Don’t worry; your mail won’t be stormed with millions of notifications. Cartoon HD APKPure is a user-oriented service.

To sign up for your account, click “Join” at top right-hand corner. You will be given a form, fill out all the areas. Signing up helps you reap the additional benefits like creating a watch list, seen list and much more. These are only a few examples the Cartoon HD offers an ever-ending content library.

User-Friendly Design

Once you have signed up for Cartoon HD, you need to find your favorite content including TV Shows and Movies?

But how to do that?

Don’t worry; CartoonHD Biz APK offers an excellent solution. Depending on the device you use. If you are using PC or Mac, you can choose between Movie and Television category on the top of the page and see the available collection. You can further filter the content based on genre, year, or even keywords.

In case you use Mobile or a tablet, there are three lines on the top left-hand corner. Tap on them.

Sort the movie or show by different criteria including IMDB Rating, most popular, most watched, etc. This will help you find great content. Just tap the icon to see blurb and IMDB Ratings.

You can also tap search icon in top right hardcover if you are familiar with the content you are going to watch. Type the name in the search bar, and binge watch it

Make Your Very Own Watchlist

Cartoon HD APK 2019 offers many intuitive options.

As you find your favorite content to watch, you can save them for later. Yes, if you came across something that piqued your interest but doesn’t have time for it.

You can add it to your watchlist.

There is watchlist shortcut available on the home page of Cartoon HD. The whole thing depends on which device you use this platform on. If you are viewing the content on PC or Mac, hover the mouse over icon and flip. Click on “Add to Watch List” Option.

Cartoon HD APK has many intuitive features available. One of these features is “Seen it.” This is a reminder you set on available content that you have watched it, and you don’t want it to show up in your stream. This feature is designed for serial binge watchers.

Enjoy Movies, TV Shows, and Change the Source

Once you have registered with CartoonHD, you will be promoted to create a watchlist of your favorite Television shows and movies. Select the content available in the database. Take your picks and add them to your watch later list.


To register entry, you need to tap on the Icon and bring up its listing page. Now click on the title or name of the episode you want to see. If the particular episode is available, you will get a small icon featuring a play button. Click the icon to open up the media player.


Watching Movies on CartoonHD APK Pure is way simple. Navigate through the library or search for the specific title. There are a ton of movies you can watch. Once you find your pick, click to open up the listing page.

The listing page is full of viewer reviews, trailers, and even IMDB Ratings. Tap the play button on top of the screen to play the content. You can change the source whenever you want to. You can even do it from the drop-down menu on the right top side. Some players will face issues, especially iOS. So, make sure you optimize the app according to your preferences.

Cartoon HD Installation Guide

Following, we are explaining how you can install Cartoon HD Pro on almost every device. Carefully read the instructions, and follow every step:

cartoon hd apk

Official Cartoon HD APK

Cartoon HD for PC

You can enjoy Cartoon HD on PC. But, this service is not available as a proper application. You can only watch it on your browser. Therefore, you need to choose a fast and lightweight browser. Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox are some examples.

You cannot watch offline videos with Cartoon HD on PC. If you want, you need to install it on an Android Emulator. Follow these steps:

  • Download the Cartoon HD APK PC, and Install Blue Stacks
  • Install Cartoon HD on Blue Stacks
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Content

Cartoon HD App for Fire Stick

Do you want to know How to download Cartoon HD on Amazon Fire Stick? Cartoon HD is compatible with Smart TV. Install Cartoon HD on your Firestick and enjoy the latest from your favorite shows and movies.

Following, we will show you to install and use it on Smart TV, especially Amazon FireStick:

  • Start the device the device, go to HomeScreen and your browser, (Chrome, Opera, or anything)
  • Visit the official site and download CartoonTV APK. The download will take some time, so wait for it
  • Run the application once it downloads. If you can’t find the downloaded file, go to your HomeScreen>Apps> File Explorer. Click the local option and download option
  • Once you find the downloaded file, run and install
  • Once the installation finishes, close everything before running the application
  • On the first run, you will be prompted to enter your user details

Cartoon HD for iOS

Download the Cartoon HD APK iPhone from the official website. Make sure you find the latest version and follow these guidelines:

  • Download the APK from the Official website and initiate installation
  • Once you have installed the APK, close every other application and start Cartoon HD
  • When you launch it the first time, a message will appear, “Untrusted App.

This is because Cartoon HD is not available on iOS, and the OS doesn’t trust it. Click trusted, and you won’t see the message ever again.

Cartoon HD for Android

There is a port available for Android as well. Install the Cartoon HD APK Android on your device and enjoy free content.  Follow these simple steps to add the Cartoon HD on your smartphone:

  • If you want, you could download the APK directly on your smartphone. Log onto the official website and download the Cartoon HD APK Latest Version 2019. Download the file on your PC, and Transfer it to your cell
  • Once transferred, open the file and begin to install
  • As the installation process finishes, run Cartoon HD and binge Watch your favorite content


Cartoon HD is a premium Media Streaming service, similiar to iTube, that is geared towards the viewer/user. It appears as the company heard the user complaints (about itself and competition) and fixed the issues to offer something way better.

Like we said before, it has all the bells and whistles including great and vast content and intuitive features. It doesn’t need crazy hardware and won’t put much load on your internet.